What are your COVID-19 procedures at Moto?

Where to find information regarding our response to the pandemic.

As the UK’s largest motorway service area provider, it is our duty to ensure that we can keep you safe when you’re on the road so that we can keep Britain moving; this means we need to provide you with a safe place to stop, a chance to get food and drink and refuel, and of course access to facilities including toilets and showers.

You will find hand sanitiser stations at all of our locations, and protective screens may be in place at some sites. 

Whilst there is no mask mandate in place currently, we welcome any customers who wish to retain the use of a mask or face covering. You may notice some of our colleagues wearings masks and face coverings also.

Please be aware that motorway service areas are legally required to remain open to provide a safe place for road users to rest, refresh and refuel, regardless of restrictions. This means you will find our seating areas open nationwide, and we will provide you with food, facilities and fuel 24 hours a day.