Do you have Tesla charging points?

Information about charging your Tesla vehicle at Moto sites.

I'm afraid we don't have Tesla charging points, however, we are working with Tesla to develop new charging points at a number of our locations. As soon as we are ready to begin construction, we will be able to share more details of this. 

At the moment, we're partnered with Ecotricity to provide our electric vehicle customers with charging points.

To charge your electric vehicle:

1. Download the Ecotricity Electric Highway app at
2. Plan your journey at one of our locations and select Ecotricity electric vehicle charger from the facility dropdown
3. Check the status of our electricity pumps using the Ecotricity app
4. Start your charge session

Whilst you wait for your vehicle to charge, you can order a coffee and/or a bite to eat from the comfort of your car before heading in to collect your food using our (free!) Order and Collect app. Download now at 😋📲

As our electric vehicle charging points are managed by Ecotricity, for current charging prices please refer to their website at