Does Moto support any charities?

Information about Moto Foundation and how Moto supports its charity partners.

What is the Moto Foundation and what does it do?
Moto Foundation is our charitable arm and when a donation is made through fundraising events or at any of our locations, the money is collected and divided into three areas:

Charity of the year: we support to our national charity partners to ensure that Moto can make a positive impact on wider communities throughout the UK. 

Community partners: we also aim to make a difference in the local communities around us too. We do this by providing each Moto location with the opportunity support a local charity or partner in their area.

Community schools: We enjoy a fantastic relationship with schools in our communities and make an effort to support schools around our locations. 

Who are our Charity Partners?
As of July 2022, our national charity partner is Mind and the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH). Our partnership with Mind and SAMH will run for the next five years, and we’ve set a goal to raise £5 million. The money raised will be instrumental to Mind and SAMH’s efforts to deliver services such as crisis helplines and support groups across the UK.

If you would like to learn more about Moto Foundation's activities and fundraising events, visit the news and events page on our website.

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