Do Moto support any charities?

Information about Moto in the Community and how Moto support Help for Heroes

Charity is a vitally important part of our mission at Moto, and our service area teams regularly take part in fundraising. The donations received by Moto in the Community are allocated to our National Partner, at the moment this is Help for Heroes who have received £2.3 m since the partnership began in 2012.

In fact, we have donated over £100k in 2018 to over 100 charities and community groups that are charity partners or local to our sites. In addition to working with Help for Heroes, we support over 50 schools with learning resources each year and support 10 Greggs Breakfast Clubs. In 2019 we also donated £10,000 to Macmillan and £12,500 to the Costa Foundation.

You can read more about our charitable arm on our dedicated Moto in the Community webpage. 

💬 Talk to our charity team about fundraising or applying for funds at