Too Good To Go services at Moto

Information about the Too Good To Go services at Moto.

What is Too Good To Go?
Too Good To Go (TGTG) is a mobile application that is designed to prevent edible food from being thrown away. The app lets you purchase and collect food at a discounted price so that it gets eaten instead of wasted. 

Can I get TGTG at Moto?
Yes this service is available across all our service stations. 

Where can I get TGTG products at Moto?
When food becomes available, you’ll be able to purchase and collect TGTG food bags from any of our Moto Costa and Moto Pret a Manger sites.

How do I claim a TGTG bag from Moto?
All you need to do is download the free Too Good To Go (available on both Google Play and the App Store) and check to see if we have food available. Prior to collecting your food bag, you will need to prepay via the TGTG app and arrange a collection time. 

Where does the money raised from Too Good To Go products Go?
The money we raise from TGTG food bags goes directly to our charitable arm, Moto Foundation and will fund various charities and community projects.