What deals do you offer coach drivers?

Information regarding deals available for coach drivers at Moto.

We love coach drivers; you help move people for holidays, school trips, and excursions safely and professionally. You're one of our best customers. We appreciate that and want to thank you for your business.

If you sign up to our coach drivers scheme  you'll get food vouchers and discounts just for doing your job, including;

  • Food for 1p 

    Simply visit our WHSmith or any identified unit with an ANPR terminal on your arrival and enter your coach registration number.

    Once you have put your coach registration into the ANPR, it will be verified by the cashier and you will be required to pay 1p. You will receive a till receipt, which you can then exchange for food at a participating food outlet.

  • £2 retail vouchers
    If you visit with 25 or more passengers you will also be entitled to a £2 retail voucher, in exchange for which you’ll need to provide some basic details, as required by HMRC.