Why do I have to pay to park if I stay longer than 2 hours?

Information regarding free parking periods at Moto.

All motorway service operators offer free parking for 2 hours but charge for parking after this period. 

Our main purpose is to provide rest and relaxation for long-distance travellers; because we are often in convenient locations, many people like to park in our locations and then share cars for the rest of their journey. Charging for parking periods longer than 2 hours means we can ensure we have enough vital spaces for the long-distance drivers who need us. 

The 2-hour parking policy in place at Moto is accompanied by many clear signs, that we have endeavoured to make as visible and helpful as possible, at entrances and exits as well throughout each of the parking areas.

The parking controls in operation at some of our sites consist of digital camera automatic number plate recognition systems, also known as ANPR. At other sites, we may have a colleague on patrol.

It is not our intention to charge drivers who marginally exceed the parking restrictions. However, it is important that Moto is able to offer enough spaces to regular travellers and we cannot do this if our car parks are full of long term parking vehicles.

If you receive a parking charge notice that you believe is unfair or unreasonable then you can either follow the appeal process detailed on the back of the PCN, online at www.appealpcn.co.uk or by post at CP Plus Ltd, PO box 14836, London, NW3 1WT.